What are the different types of vinyl graphics and how do you maximise their effect?

What are the different types of vinyl graphics and how do you maximise their effect?

There are many different types of vinyl graphics and signs for business but the three most commonly used kinds are window manifestations, graphic wall and branded vinyls applied to vehicles. Let’s have a quick look at each type to explore of the benefits and options:

1- Window Graphics

Did you know window graphics are a legal requirement for offices and buildings with large panes and are used to reduce potential accidents by making sure glass panels are seen? But just because you need them, doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Window graphics can be applied internally and externally, providing the perfect opportunity to brand and promote your business. Even a simple manifestation using a few strips of frosted vinyl can be effective in conveying your brand or message, but complete window coverings can really add the wow factor!

There’s a window graphic to suit every application from retail shop windows, shopping arcades, car dealerships, and offices. High-definition print is available to a range of materials, cut to size to match your exact branding needs.

Materials – Optically clear film is particularly effective for printing crystal clear branding, imagery and messages to promote your business.
Frosted vinyls are a brilliant way of adding privacy, for example to an internal office or meeting room, and are available in different finishes including silver, crystal, opal and dusted etch so you can achieve a stylish look to boot.

Perforated window films such as Solar film and Contravision offer a range of benefits including improved safety, privacy, reduction of solar heat gain in buildings and UV protection. Contravision is an awesome one-way vision material which makes a striking impression on the outside of a window but from inside the perforations let in natural light, keeping interiors bright and allowing you to see out. Long term and short-term options are available to suit your marketing.

We have used Contravision to superb effect on our own offices windows (pic below).

2- Wall Vinyls

The perfect way to brighten up your workspace and bring it to life, wall vinyls and coverings are available in a range of adhesives to suit your wall and choice of finishes including Smooth Matt, to Glossy, Satin or Textured, allowing integration with the style of your interior.

Whether it’s a home office; small, medium or large building space, Retail space, Education site or beyond, there are endless options to provide maximum impact.

Cut wall vinyl is fab for quickly applying logos and branding directly to walls using tape.

Full wall coverings and various wall papers are great for larger areas and are available in a range of finishes. Again, these can add huge impact to otherwise bland spaces and are really effective in receptions, conference rooms, canteens, relaxation areas and at events.

3- Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics advertise your business brilliantly everywhere you go.

There are a full range of options from simple magnetic temporary signs to full cast custom wrapping of your vehicle. Magnetic vehicle media is typically specified in a heavy duty 850micron material designed specifically for adhering to vehicles, ensuring reliable adhesion properties whilst on the move.

Temporary vinyls, which are ideal for promoting an offer or campaign, are available along with more permanent or long-term options.

Custom cut cast vinyl and full cast wraps for full vehicle branding enable you to GO LOUD with your branding, ensuring your vehicles are not missed when out and about. At A3M our in-house design team can help bring your vehicle livery ideas to life.


Choose A3M to make the maximum effect with vinyl graphics

When choosing a supplier of vinyl graphics is important consult an experienced provider who can give impartial advice.

At A3M we offer a huge range of vinyl graphics suited to various promotional business needs. With over 30 years’ experience and the latest in-house print and cut technology we are well placed to support you.

We also offer standard stickers, cut vinyl and floor graphics for any application – no job is too big or small, so give us a call today.