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Shell-schemes come in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

consider the type of graphics you are going to use within your space

It is vital that you consider whether you are happy for the framework of the shell-scheme to be showing through or if you would prefer a seamless, more professional look. This will help determine your choice of materials. From rigid* to fabric we have a solution for every event. We can also provide a fully-managed event attendance service and also a complete Design and Installation Service; a one-stop shop for your event attendance.

Visible Framework

When opting for the ‘visible’ option it is crucial to ensure the measurements you focus on are those relating to the ‘seen panel size’; this will be explained somewhere within your exhibitor pack. We always request a copy of these details so we know which shell-scheme you are working with in order to ensure all measurements are correct.


The two main rigid* products used in shell-scheme graphics are Foamex or Foamcore panels. These come in a variety of thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm; the ideal thicknesses are usually 3mm or 5mm for shell-schemes. We usually provide these with Velcro fixings to the rear of the boards for to enable attachment to the walls of your shell-scheme. Depending on how you are transporting these it may be best to have them supplied in two halves.


We also offer an Eco-friendly Graphic board solution; we have two products, Ultra-Board and Xanita Board (pronounced Zanita). These are both flutted-card based recycable products. The Ultra is ideal for one-time show useage, whereas the Xanita Board is much more durable, enabling multi-usage. The boards are avaliable in 10mm or 16mm widths – we recommend 10mm – and will be supplied with Velcro to the rear for fixing, unless an alternative is required.


Another solution are our wallpaper options. We offer a repositionable vinyl making it easy to apply and if necessary lift (if applied slightly adrift!). This is a one-time use product. We also offer a fabric/textile wallpaper with a low-tack adhesive so that your shell-scheme backboards don’t get damaged. This is re-usable, however it does need to be carefully placed back onto the release liner to enable re-use.

Laminated Prints

Another popular alternative are our laminated prints. These are simple poster prints laminated with a heat-seal for durability and supplied with either a 1mm foam tape or Velcro – to the rear – for fixing. They are excellent for multiple use and can adorn the office between events!

Seamless Framework

Seamless graphics are excellent if you don’t want to see the framework of the shell-scheme. The seamless effect is created by using shell-scheme clips, which fix onto the shell-scheme posts. it is vital to provide us with your Exhibitor Pack when using these graphics as there are numerous different shell-schemes used by different organisers, ther type of which will determine which clips are required. When opting for seamless graphics, the centre-to-centre measurements are vital to ensuring the panels fit.


We also offer a rollable Correx product which folds down into graphics tubes for ease of transportation. These can be used time and time again. With Velcro attached to the rear – to fix onto your clips – it is a simple solution for seamless graphics.


Rigid graphics can also be used to create a seamless effect. Foamex or Foamcore are a great solution for creating a backwall effect. When using these with clips they will need to be supplied as whole panels, so ideally you will need a van for transportation.


Fabric graphics are an excellent solution when creating a seamless look. Printed to display polyester material, we are able to stitch Velcro to the edges which is then attached to the clips to tension and create your stand. Being a fabric graphic makes it very easy to transport and re-use time and time again.

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