Roller Banners – Why Quality Counts

Roller Banners – Why Quality Counts

We’ve all seen them and many of us have used them over the years. The ubiquitous Roller Banner is the mainstay of the visual marketing arena – but how many of us have seen examples which simply aren’t fit for purpose and poorly represent a company’s brand?

There are many reasons why they are so popular; not only are Roller Banners incredibly versatile and easy to use in a variety of locations and applications, they are also very easy to transport being lightweight and quick and simple to ‘pop-up’ without the need for additional tools or training.

But many roller banners are simply not up to the job – curly edges, failed mechanisms, faded graphics and damaged header bars on poorly specified and maintained Roller Banners can create the wrong impression and reduce the effectiveness of your marketing effort. That’s why it is important to understand that NOT all Roller Banners are the same and your choice of supplier can be an important factor in helping you stand out for the right reasons at your next event!

Here at A3M, we’ve learnt to do things a bit differently. With some 30 years’ industry experience, our core focus has always been on quality and giving customers the right visual solution for their needs. Sure, we provide economy banners to suit limited budgets, but every banner in our range is produced to a high-quality standard and backed with a minimum 12-month guarantee.

What do we do differently?

Our quality procedures start at the beginning, so when a customer sends in their artwork, a member of our team will check it and make sure it’s of the right standard before printing goes ahead. Our graphics studio is on hand to support customers when additional artwork or design is required. This ensures the final banner will have a photographic standard of print helping it really make an impact.

When it comes to production all our banners are printed on StayFlat media which prevents the bidirectional torsion that often leads to curly edges, additionally the media is printed on our state-of-the-art flat-bed printers, using Veridot technology to ensure quality.

We also use high quality branded Oce UV Inks, which are guaranteed for 3 years. This helps prevent fading and ensures the graphic has a longer lifespan and can be reused time and again.

The media we use is always trimmed on our in-house CNC machine for precision, ensuring smooth operation when rolled up inside the roller mechanism and we fix the headers with quality 3M branded adhesive to prevent slippage. We then quality check the roller banner operation before dispatch to make sure it works as designed.

Every roller banner is supplied in an individual carrying case with a miniature graphics I.D. label on the outside so the user can see what’s inside, potentially saving a lot of time opening cases if there are many different graphic designs.

So confident are we in the quality of our banners that we guarantee them for between 1 and 7 years depending on the version you choose*. Lifetime cost is an important consideration when choosing your banners, so if you are intending to reuse them frequently a premium banner can work out cheaper in the long run. We also provide a graphics replacement service to maximise the life of any existing banners you have.

Quality of service too

There are many things to consider when choosing your banner, such as the location where you are using it, the frequency of events you are attending, the size of banner required, whether it needs to be single or double-sided and, of course, your budget. At A3M our quality approach extends to the service we provide to ensure you make the right choice and have full confidence in us as your visual marketing partner.

The visual marketing arena is constantly developing with a wider selection of media to choose from than ever before, so if you need some fresh ideas for your next event do give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call.

Our range of roller banners starts from only £59.00, up to £255.00 plus vat, and we can also offer a super quick turn-around of stocked items including next day dispatch. So for quality at a great price simply call us on 02392 381 928 or visit our website at