Window Manifestations

Window manifestations are a legal requirement for office spaces and buildings with large glass panel areas. They are put in place to prevent accidents and to make apparent where there are glass panels.

But just because you have to have them, doesn’t mean they should be dull and boring!

They also provide the perfect opportunity to brand – and promote – your business. They can be simple, yet highly effective, using as little as a few strips of frosted vinyl to convey your company logo and brand (as you can see in our client work section). We are also able to digitally print onto perforated Contravision film, which

we apply internally or externally for privacy purposes; giving your brand WOW to boot!

We offer a wide range of window manifestation options for internal and external applications (such as frosted vinyl and Contravision).

  • Internal and external options
  • 1-to-7-year lifetime options
  • Etched, Crystal, Dusted and Silver Frosted options available
  • Digitally printed, perforated Contravision
  • Custom printed and cut to your design/branding.
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