LED Flood Light Single Kit

The most stylish and economical way to light up a range of exhibition stands including Pop-ups, Formulate and a range of modular systems is the new LED Floodlight. Compact yet powerful, this small LED is able to produce 1200 lumen whilst consuming a very small amount of energy, making it more efficient than comparable halogen lights. Featuring the latest in LED technology, it is cast out of aluminium which allows the heat to dissipate over the entire body of the light. This means it can be used for longer periods with no over heating, up to 22,000 hours. 5 lights can be linked together from just one transformer with handy linking cables, so no need for extra transformers. One linking cable is supplied and extra can be purchased separately as needed. Low Voltage 5631 Kelvin. Up to x4 more efficient than Halogen Up to 22,000 hour usage. Single kit includes x1 light and linking lead (2.5m).

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