The World’s most versatile modular display system

Modular T3

A3M Designs is a premier partner of T3 modular systems.

We have access to T3’s extensive range and have many years’ experience in understanding how to create impressive displays using the system.

We have recently created standalone light boxes in T3 using their new SEG fabric graphic channeling and integral LED systems.

The T3 modular display system – manufactured in the UK – is the world’s most innovative, versatile, easy-to-build, durable, compact and flexible modular display system.

There is no need for tools or skilled labour and T3 is designed to adapt to a wide variety of display environments. It is reconfigurable and re-usable so you can use the same kit to create any number of different, stunning displays to fit your requirements and those of your space.

You can apply multiple graphic substrates and/or integrate a variety of bespoke elements; the possibilities are endless.

T3 can be used in a range of environments, to create large or small exhibition stands, event displays, points of sale, conference sets, pop-up shops, bars, counters, light boxes, photobooths and hanging banners plus a whole load more!

The system can be paired up with a full installation package and/or training session either at your premises or ours for ease of future use.

Just use your imagination!

T3 – simple to use and transport; flexible, adaptable, tough and durable.

  • T3 is incredibly easy to build. No tools or skilled labour required; simply twist, lock and connect each component.
  • Supremely designed to be light and compact, tough and durable.
  • T3 is MADE for multi-use, fantastic design and impact.
  • Reconfigure into a variety of designs without the need to buy additional kit.
  • Because of its simplicity, T3 beats the field for speed and ease of build.
  • Graphic excellence; apply any substrate to the T3 system to create a seamless display.
  • The systems’ versatility and adaptability mean it can be used in any situation.
Twist. Lock. Connect.

T3 is an easy to build system, just simply twist, lock and connect.

Speed and Ease of Build

With its simplicity, T3 beats conventional construction methods for its speed and ease of build.

Lightweight. Compact

Expertly designed and engineered to be lightweight and compact in design, yet strong and durable.

Clad with Multiple Graphic Substrates

Apply any substrate to the T3 system to create a completely seamless graphic display.

Reconfigure. Reuse. Reimagine.

Reuse your T3 display as many times as you’d like, and reconfigure to get a new design without the extra kit!

Customise & Integrate

Nothing compares to T3's ease of use and ability to create spectacular designs to wow the crowd.

Reduce Labour Costs

T3’s simple to build and no tools system means anyone can build an impressive display. No skilled labour is needed!

Endless Possibilities

The versatility of T3 means it can be used for any application – there are absolutely no limits with your displays.

T3 – the sustainable option

  • The T3 system is reusable and reconfigurable making it 50x more sustainable than custom built.
  • Its modular – meaning no single-use materials.
  • It’s manufactured in the UK, reducing transport miles and environmental impact.
  • The modular system can be packed down efficiently into flight cases for easy and efficient shipping and storage.
  • We actively work with our suppliers to use more sustainable eco-friendly substrates and use water based inks.
modular exhibition stand

Stand Alone

Stand Examples

3x2m stand
4x2m stand
6x3m stand
9.5x3m stand
12x6 (S shape) stand

Display Shell Schemes

Shell Schemes

Stand Examples

3x2m shell
3x3m shell
5x4m shell
6x4m shell



Stand Examples

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