Modular Exhibition Stands

Why Choose a Modular Exhibition Stand?

Completely reusable, dismantle and rebuild quickly and easily

Our modular exhibition stands are built with a flexible, easy to assemble framework, meaning you can dismantle, rebuild and reuse your exhibition stand as many times as you need.

Eco-friendly with no waste

With our modular exhibition stands, increase your ROI with far better bang for your buck. Fully flexible, able to be dismantled and rebuild, ensure no waste and that your stand can be reused time and again

Built using a flexible framework, build your stand your way

We will work with you to come up with a custom modular exhibition stand that suits all your needs. With a fully flexible frame, there’s tons of options to choose from!

Evolve and grow your stand based as you grow

Think of our modular stand frameworks as a giant toy set. The flexibility of the structure means you can build your exhibition stand to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or simply want a fresh new look, contact A3M and we can send you new graphics and parts as required!

A great investment that can be used multiple times with new skins

Using magnetic skins independent of the structure, you can easily change the branding or message on your modular exhibition stand, without needing a whole new stand. Simply contact us and we’ll print new skins, saving you time and money.

The features of the stand are independent and can be used for multiple promotional purposes.

Each section of your modular exhibition stand can be used independently meaning when you’re not using the stand, you can use it for alternative marketing and branding activity. Increase the lifespan of your stand exponentially and achieve far longer ROI.

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If you’re tired of spending a good portion of your yearly marketing budget on a single use exhibition stand, A3M’s modular exhibition stands are the solution you need. As a fully flexible, reusable and scalable approach to exhibition stands, our modular exhibition stands have everything you need to capture attention and wow time and time again. For ease of transportation, dismantle your modular stand and simply rebuild once you reach your destination – think of it like a giant toy construction set!

For all businesses taking part in exhibitions and trade shows, customised exhibition stands are a great way to create a strong business presence and stand out amongst your competition.

However, if you’re on a budget, looking for the next best thing doesn’t necessarily mean settling for something uninspiring. Modular exhibition stands are the solution and with A3M Designs, we can deliver exactly what you need at a competitive price. Not only this, but our stands can be reused, expanded and evolved, ensuring a return on your investment over the long term.

With our extensive expertise in providing print-based solutions since 1986, you can find the best modular exhibition stands in the UK with our collection.

For all your exhibiting needs, let us find and build your perfect exhibition stand; give us a call today!

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Modular Exhibition Stands – A Great Way Of Showcasing Your Product


Simply put, a modular stand is a display stand built with a flexible framework that can be customised based on your needs. Not only does this make them easy to customise and reshape, but also portable and reusable, allowing you to use the stand at future events, as well as dismantle the stand for easy transportation and storage.

With tradeshows and exhibitions being one of the best ways of showcasing your products and brand, our team has extensive experience in building and designing a range of modular exhibition stands according to your needs.

Key Features of Our Modular Stands

These features indicate that although traditional exhibition stands are usually done away with once the event is over, our stands can be used again and again. 

The ROI on modular exhibition stands includes the ability to grow and evolve over time using the same components. make them a great investment. From using it for multiple exhibitions to using the independently attached components in different promotional activities, every single element can be customised and removed. Not only is this affecting your pocket, but also the environment!

At A3M Designs, you choose from an incredible range of stands with options to suit any budget. Whatever your aspirations, allow us to help you meet those by delivering designs that fit your brand, preferences, and budget.

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Our Diverse Collection Of Modular Stand Designs

Just because our modular stands are customisable, doesn’t mean that they’re not unique. With so many flexible offers available, tailor your stand to suit your brand and maximise the space available.

From simple designs such as our Linear and Formulate to more advanced designs such as our Vector, T3, Arena and Suspended designs, we cater to all exhibiting needs with a diverse range of modular stand designs you’ll find nowhere else.

Once the event is over, simply pack your stand up and rebuild it at a different location afterwards, all slotting together neatly and easily. However, if your next setup requires a bigger design, we can help you by providing additional equipment based on the kit you have.

Our reuse, reconfigure factor ensures that you can customise the stands by adding new skins to the metal structure, according to your requirements and business growth. This means these multipurpose stands also serve as an excellent marketing and branding tool.

The Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands


In addition to being eye-catching with great visuals, modular stands for trade shows and exhibitions have several benefits that make them a good investment for every business.

The biggest advantage of using these stands is that they’re portable with components that can be easily fixed. 

We strive to create modular stands that can be reused as we strongly believe in the ‘reconfigure, reuse’ principle. The independent elements in our stands can also fulfil several purposes – the options are limitless.

Simple reconfigurations, reusable components, and easy installation further enhance the value of these display stands, making them an excellent choice for every business with exhibiting needs.

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A3M Designs – Why Choose Us?


Along with providing our customers with stunning modular exhibition stands, we strive to ensure easy delivery, handling, and installation of the stands with a team of skilled professionals.

We’ve got you covered with logistics and provide photography and videography services with state-of-the-art equipment that can be used across several media platforms. A genuine one-stop-shop, we strive to ensure that you get the best possible result, product, and service.

To find out more about our exhibition products and services, get in touch with us on 02392 381 928 today!