4 Brilliant Ways to Attract More People at an Exhibition

ideas for exhibitions stands; a crowded expo

4 Brilliant Ways to Attract More People at an Exhibition

Selecting the right ideas for exhibition stands is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to planning for a trade show or expo.

The more creative ideas you have, the more attention you grab, and the easier it is to achieve the goals of the exhibition!

However, the question is, what exactly do you do to stand out from the crowd? 

What is it that makes your exhibition stand design better than the competition?

How do you entice the audience in the right way?

Well, we’re going to answer all of these questions shortly. As the world of events is back on track, exhibitions, expos and trade shows are gathering momentum and attracting huge crowds! 

This is the best time to get back to the audience and give them the personal experience they have been craving. You know it, the competition knows it and everybody else knows it.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll bring you the top ways to attract more people to your exhibition stand and achieve your business goals faster.

1. Go All Out on the Visuals

exhibition stand design; an alluring stand design

Now it’s probably not a surprise that visuals are the first thing that grab the mind’s attention. The more unique, fascinating and attractive an exhibition stand is, the more heads it turns.

What we are saying is that you need to go all out! Create a marvellous theme, offer incredible features and mesmerise your potential customers.

With A3M, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most incredible exhibition stand designs you’ve ever seen. Our bespoke exhibition stands are specially designed according to your requirements and can easily help you achieve your goals.

Moreover, with our personalised digital display stands, banners, signage, literature holders and so much more, you can design the perfect stand for your brand.


creative ideas; an email notification

The preparation to gather crowds begins way before the event even begins. To actually gain the most exposure and attract an audience, you need to LET THEM KNOW!!

Let them know what, you say. Well, the fact that you’re coming in! 

Send out newsletters, emails, social media posts, messages, posters and anything else you can think of to all your leads and potential customers.

Target all the important prospects and make a big deal out of your arrival all over the Internet.

3. Give Them an Experience

ideas for exhibition stands; a man immersed in VR

One of the greatest pieces of advice that you can get from any advertiser or marketer from around the world is to sell an experience.

People aren’t attracted to a certain product, service or exhibition stand, they’re attracted to the kind of experience it gives them.

With exciting equipment, a cool background to click a picture and other similar creative ideas for exhibition stands, you can draw in a larger crowd.

4. Keep Them Hooked

Well, sure, at an exhibition the audience will be attracted to a number of exhibition stands, but is that enough? Not really.

To truly achieve your goals, you not only need to grab the audience’s attention but also hold it for a long time. 

This gives them time to explore your products and services while also being engaged at the exhibition.

You can hold their attention or ‘Keep Them Hooked’ with the help of various competitions, giveaways, performances or anything else that comes to mind.

Choose A3M for Bespoke Exhibition Stands and Accessories

Now that you have the best ideas for exhibition stands to help you attract more people to your stand, it’s time you execute these ideas.

With our wide range of products and services specially designed to help you put on an exceptional exhibition, we offer you all you need and more.

Specialising in exhibitions, our team of professionals are always here to provide you with the best of the best.

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