Your Guide to Standing Out At a Trade Event

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Your Guide to Standing Out At a Trade Event

Trade fairs and shows are a brilliant way for you to exhibit your brand, products and services. As a business, you put yourself in the limelight to interact with potential customers and build relationships. These same relationships can go on to build the success of your business. 

This is why you need a top-quality, eye-catching trade show presentation to showcase your brand and your products in a way that speaks to your potential clientele. 

How Do You Do That?


With such an exciting opportunity to dazzle your prospects and start conversations with future customers, you need to ensure that you’ve got the best trade show display that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Ensure that your prospective clients feel compelled to visit your stand and check out your display. 

At A3M, with more than three decades of industry experience, we’ve put together a list of our top five trade show presentation ideas!

Dive in to make a splash at your next trade show event!

Treat Your Exhibition Stand as an Investment


When showcasing your goods, this is the best place to start. The eye-catching design of our exhibition display stand will be crucial as you strut your stuff at the trade show. 

Not only this, investing in A3M’s display stand has benefits galore as you can retrofit these with new brand logos, promos and other details and reuse it in several different events to come. Durable, green and lasting – that’s what we are all about!

To leave your mark at a trade show, you need to put some thought into figuring out how you can best promote your brand and products. Look at it this way – you already went out on a limb to acquire the expensive space at the trade fair. 

Would it defeat the purpose if no one came over to talk about your business? What trade show tips and tricks can you use to attract attention? How can you best utilise the space you have at the trade fair hall? 

When you work this out, making an impact will become much easier. If all of this sounds a bit too much, why not partner with the experts at A3M? We can fine-tune your visual strategy down to the last design detail, allowing you to reel in as much attention as possible at the trade fair. 

Make Use of Attractive Lighting Features


Great lighting isn’t only important for product photos on Instagram but also in real-time at trade show stands. If you’re looking to add extra pizzazz to the standard display lights at your booth, then invest in some lighting fixtures and set the wheels in motion to attract more eyeballs!

Attractive lighting is a proven way to increase brand and product awareness at a trade show as it makes your stand space more aesthetic, not to mention, people are attracted to bright lights and well-lit spaces. This all means attendees are more likely to be drawn to your stand. 

Just like our reusable exhibition stands, you can use good lighting for different events and shows, meaning your return on investment is guaranteed. Be sure to purchase attractive lighting features from reliable vendors to make yourself the centre of attention at a trade show event. 

For more ideas on what kind of products and accessories you can use to dress up your booth, click right here!

Have a Tagline, A Hook


Before you start promoting your trade show stand on social media, be sure to work on the inherent sales message that encapsulates your product and/or your brand. 

This forms your proverbial tagline, your hook to garner more attention towards your brand and the trade show itself. A bit of pre-show marketing is going to do your brand promotion a lot of good, well in advance. 

Be as creative and innovative with your sales message as possible. However, be sure to keep it simple and not get too carried away, touting the bazillion benefits of your products and services. This is one of the simpler trade show booth ideas that will go a long way in doing justice to your brand’s promotional campaign. 

Remember, the whole point is to instigate curiosity and buzz around your brand and product so that prospective customers would want to find out more about you and your services. 

Offer Product Demos


Businesses that offer product demonstrations are likely to garner more attention to their trade show stand while also experiencing a positive rise in their ROI at the event. 

Sure, putting together an amazing product demo for the trade show will require a bit of time and effort but, all of this will pay off. Your brand will receive better visibility, you will acquire more enquiries, not to mention, you’ll create a sure-fire buzz around your products and business that other attendees will gravitate towards. 

If your audience is involved and engaged with the product demonstration you put forth, you will go down as the brand, etched in memories of attendees. Make your product demos something to remember by showcasing your goods and yourself as a trustworthy and credible brand in the best way you can!

Check out our gallery to see how we can help with the aesthetics of your trade show stands.

Take Calculated Risks and Have Fun At the Trade Show


With VR technology all the rage these days, many exhibitors are looking to leverage this to attract customers to their display stand. There’s a pretty good chance that this will work. On the other hand, it’s quite predictable as visitors are starting to expect to see something like this.

One of the best ways to truly stand out from the crowd is to do something unexpected and unpredictable. For this, you and your marketing team will need to put your thinking hats on and come up with something that’s, quite literally, out of the box. 

What marketing gimmicks can you pull off that hasn’t occurred to any of your competitors yet? What is it about your brand that visitors will take an interest in, even if they are fairly unfamiliar with you? What will help you create a buzz at the trade show about your business, products and services? 

You need to wrack your brain till a few brilliant trade show presentation ideas come to you. Then, you need to narrow down your choices and make it work for your brand. Visitors need to see the fun element in your offerings and they are bound to make a beeline to your stand in no time!

For Fun And Unique Exhibition and Trade Show Stands, Contact A3M!

Making yourself an instant hit at a trade show will take planning, strategising, upfront investment not to mention, a whole lot of time. But, if you take the necessary steps and follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

As you will be needing all hands on deck, how about bringing in trade show expert planners in the picture to make it all count? 

At A3M, we are the very definition of a one-stop-shop as we work with you right from the start to plan the perfect visuals, designs and logistics that’ll make your stand the absolute best at a trade show!

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