A Guide to Exhibition Stand Layouts – 3 Ideas That Always Work

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A Guide to Exhibition Stand Layouts – 3 Ideas That Always Work

A major factor that decides the effectiveness of an exhibition stand is the stand layout.

Many businesses participating in an exhibition may not fully understand the impact a good layout can have on the overall exhibit, as it serves as one of the main organisational factors affecting the overall efficiency of your exhibition stand.

As a business owner, depending on the space that you’re given at the exhibition or trade show, you need to be able to fully leverage the area to make the most of your exhibition stand.

Since the exhibition stand layout and visitor flow are key in determining the outcome of your exhibit, you need to stay on top of tips and ideas that ensure results.

The experts at A3M Designs have put together a blog on exhibition stand layouts and ideas that always work in getting the desired results out of your exhibit.

Let’s get started!

1. Deciding on the Best Stand Orientation

The first thing you need to decide is the stand orientation. Depending on your allotted space, you’ll want to figure out which side you want your stand to face. To decide this, use the floorplan to understand how the visitors might approach your stand from the main aisle.

Another thing you could do is start listing the main areas you want on your stand. These will typically include meeting areas, product displays, storage, interactive zones and a “meet and greet” area.

Allotting or creating designated areas can help visualise the different elements and products that would go into each and this can help you figure out the effectiveness of your orientation.

2. Work On The Exhibition Stand Floor Plan

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The next thing you need to start thinking about is – how will the exhibition visitors interact with your stand?

Since you have a rough idea about your stand orientation, you need to decide on the floor plan to make sure all the elements are placed in optimal zones. This simply means putting the right elements in the right places.

Before you start using some complex software, start with something simple like a hand drawn design or cut-out of the layout. It helps you work to scale and decide the floor plan, whilst also accounting for all the different elements. From the counter to the storage area, make sure to properly understand the floor plan and space out all the elements well to make the most of your exhibition stand layout.

Consider all your elements including your small exhibition stand design ideas to effectively make the most of your exhibition stand floor plan.

3. Consult Professionals For Advice

For exhibition stand layouts to work well, there are several different elements you need to make the most of. From designing the right exhibition stand to choosing the right layout, strategising well is key to having a successful exhibition. 

However, both amateurs and professionals may struggle with the right ideas which means consulting a professional is something you may want to consider.

Answering questions like how to make your exhibition stand design stand out or how to make the most of the exhibition space may not be as easy to decide.

Working with a company like A3M Designs ensures support and an easy exhibition with our team helping you every step of the way. Give us a call and let our team of experts help you have a successful exhibition!

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