5 Exhibition Stand Do’s and Don’ts to Keep In Mind

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5 Exhibition Stand Do’s and Don’ts to Keep In Mind

As a business owner looking to exhibit, a good exhibition stand and an even better marketing strategy are the first few things to think about before getting started.

These two elements are crucial as they reflect your business, its values and branding. As one of the main components of the exhibition, your stand needs to reflect the core values of your business, help set a brand image and draw attention to your set-up.

At A3M Designs, we’re well-versed in exhibition displays for businesses and with this expertise, we’ve compiled a list of basic exhibition stand do’s and don’ts that companies can follow.

Let’s take a look!

1. Do – Focus On Your Set-Up

As a part of an exhibition, every business needs to understand the importance of first impressions. With so many different companies trying to attract the audience towards their set-up, making sure you have a professional yet inviting stand can make all the difference in standing out amongst the crowd.

Depending on the type of exhibition stand and the layout you choose, your stand needs to be well-designed and have good graphics. With this, you need to make sure that it is well-equipped with everything you need, with the right amount of accessories, brochures and pamphlets, along with whatever else you may require.

At the same time, avoid going overboard by crowding the stand with too many elements and understand what you need to prioritise

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2. Don’t – Underestimate the Graphic Design

One of the most important points on every list of exhibition stand do’s and don’ts will emphasise one feature – graphic design. 

Visuals play an important role in successfully capturing a person’s attention. Since the goal for your exhibit is to increase your audience base and get a good ROI, graphics can be your best way of achieving that.

Avoid a messy or cluttered design and go for something simple yet impactful. If you’re using pictures, make sure they’re of a high enough resolution to avoid pixelated images on your stand.

A few key elements to consider along with good graphics are your business logo, social media account icons and your company’s tag line. With this, people slightly far away from your set-up can get an understanding of your business and what it’s about.

3. Do – Keep the Stand Information Simple

With so many incredible modular stands with customizable designs available, businesses have several options when it comes to choosing a stand that best represents their business.

For your stand design, try not to be too specific with your details so as not to create confusion among your audience. Instead, you can cover all the required information in a pamphlet or brochure.

Have the main keywords or services on your design instead of long-winded sentences. Additionally, keep the information to a minimum and have pictures and visuals instead.

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4. Don’t – Leave It to the Last Minute

Another important thing to remember for your list of exhibition do’s and don’ts is to not leave the stand to the last minute. Since they serve as a make or break event for your business, leaving the stand design to the last minute can be a mistake.

While making the choice to have an exhibit and narrowing down on the other details, you also need to prepare a budget for the stand and accessories. Avoid cutting down on this as it’s essentially representing your brand.

By designing your stand beforehand, you can focus on the many elements that go into making a good exhibition stand. It also allows you enough time to do some research and find out what works and what doesn’t.

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