Our Top 3 Innovative Business Exhibition Stand Ideas

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Our Top 3 Innovative Business Exhibition Stand Ideas

Exhibitions and trade shows are still extremely relevant in today’s atmosphere of online marketing for two main reasons – you get to directly interact and make a personal impression on your target audience. With this, you get to showcase your brand and all that it stands for.

That said, one of the key components of every business exhibition or trade show is the exhibition stand designs. 

Every business owner trying to showcase their product or service tries to stand out from the crowd by investing in custom exhibition stands. Great for both branding and attracting the audience towards you, an exhibition stand is a great tool that can be leveraged.

At A3M Designs, we offer several portable, digital and customised exhibition stands that every business owner can leverage to create a strong impression on their visitors. If you’re on the lookout for exhibition stand ideas, we’ve curated a list that will help you.

Let’s get started.

1. Use Creative LED Lighting For Your Stands

With the immense development of LED technology, it’s no surprise that it has been incorporated uniquely in a trade show stand design, enhancing the look and feel of your company’s appearance.

Be it integrated LED lighting and replaceable graphics that you get with our Link 2 product or clip-on hanging to enhance your banners and display, LED stands have become a great idea that many businesses have adopted. 

With our exhibition stand designs, you’re ensured a long investment that keeps paying back as our stands can be customised or refurbished according to your requirements. Our reuse, reconfigure factor ensures that you can add new skins according to your growth making it an excellent marketing and branding tool.

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2. Incorporate A Mixtures Of Stands And Banners

Everyone who has participated in or been a part of a trade show must have observed that some of the best set-ups have made the most of exhibition branding ideas by incorporating a mixture of stands and banners.

With several unique options available with us, you need not go for standard choices and instead opt for a set-up that stands out amongst the crowd. From banner stands and lightboxes to roller banners and pop-ups, our team of design experts can customise whatever you choose to best represent your branding.

Additionally, a well planned-out layout with different exhibition stands can also help create an impressive presence and attract your target audience effortlessly. This means that along with getting the best exhibition stand designs, you’ll also need to plan it out well to create maximum impact.

3. Keep It Engaging With Distinct Graphics

While this is a no-brainer idea, its importance must be reiterated to emphasise how effective it can be. If you think about the different stands you might have seen at an exhibition, you’ll notice that there might have been some that immediately captured your attention while the others were something you just looked through.

Take a step back and think about it. What was it that made you look over it? The answer is the graphics.

Visuals are always a powerful tool to enrapture the audience. While you might have gotten the best premium quality exhibition stands, if your graphics aren’t impactful enough, you won’t be able to make the most of that exhibition.

Whichever modular exhibition systems specialist you choose for your exhibition, make sure to convey what exactly you want your banners and stand to look like while also listening for recommendations that can enhance those. 

An expert like A3M Designs can create an impactful and engaging exhibition stand design that can help your business stand out at the trade show.

A3M Designs – For The Best Exhibition Stand Designs 

If you need to exhibit, A3M has all the right tools to successfully cater to your needs. We have all the stands and accessories you need for an exhibition to stand out from the crowd.

With us, you’re ensured stunning designs along with options tailored to your specific requirements. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch with us today!

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