6 Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stands More Sustainable

eco friendly exhibition stands; a globe on the ground

6 Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stands More Sustainable

As the world has marched on toward sustainability and environmental development, the exhibition industry seems to have lagged behind.

With trade shows and exhibitions now taking place all over the world, the lack of environmental concern shown in them has always been a problem.

Whether it is their lack of energy efficiency, their single-use plastics, or non-recyclable exhibition stands, all of this damages the environment in some way or other.

However, today we bring you the top 6 tips to make your exhibitions and trade shows more eco-friendly and sustainable.

With the use of eco-friendly exhibition stands and recyclable material, you can efficiently contribute to sustainable development and also use it as a marketing strategy. 

1. Using Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands

exhibition stands; a recyclable carton

Eco friendly exhibition stands are the first thing you need to make your stand more sustainable. The best way to do this is to avoid all single-use products and only use reusable materials. 

Luckily for you, A3M provides the best reusable eco-friendly stands and they can be used for multiple exhibitions. 

Not only does this decrease your exhibition waste but it also saves a lot of money spent on buying new disposable stands for every exhibition.

2. Avoid Using Single-use Plastics

sustainable exhibition stands; single-use plastic material

Single-use plastics are the biggest enemy in the fight for a sustainable environment. Crowding up the oceans and land, undestroyable and non-recyclable plastic is one of the greatest environmental concerns on the planet.

Therefore, in order to be more sustainable, it is important to ensure that you aren’t using any single-use plastics in your exhibitions. 

Moreover, we would suggest you avoid using them altogether, i.e. in your everyday life, offices, warehouses, etc.

3. Use Recyclable Carpets

eco friendly exhibition stands; recyclable material

One of the most commonly used materials for carpets in exhibitions is polyester, which is not a very eco-friendly option. 

This year, we suggest you opt for flooring that’s made out of eco-friendly materials, ensuring better sustainability.

Maybe you could go for a reusable flooring option or use renewable materials like wood. Not only will this make your exhibition stands stand out but it can also be used as a marketing tactic.

4. Is Going Paper-free an Option?

a digital display board

Most organisations are now trying to avoid the use of paper and go digital. Not only is this a good way to promote sustainability but it is also an economic way to prevent wastage.

Let’s face it, if you are still distributing pamphlets, then at least half of them are being thrown in the bin, which is why it is a good idea to go paper free.

You can use a digital format to provide information regarding the business by using interactive digital display stands. This is a great way to avoid the use of paper and grab the attention of your customers effectively. 

5. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

sustainable exhibition lighting

Exhibition lighting is another integral part of exhibition stands. Using inefficient lights can lead to greater expenses and the wastage of energy.

In order to avoid this, we suggest you take a sustainable approach and use energy efficient lighting for your exhibitions. 

At A3M, you can easily choose from a wide range of high-quality LED lights, which are available in different types, shapes, and colours. 

6. Deal with Sustainable Suppliers

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Dealing with sustainable exhibition materials and suppliers like A3M is the best way to ensure an eco-friendly trade show. 

With our high-quality eco-friendly exhibition supplies, you can rest assured that you will get the best, premium quality, sustainable products in the world. 

Choose A3M for Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands

Now that you know all about sustainable exhibition stands, it’s time you got in touch with our team to help you with your next trade show.

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