Digital Signage and Display Solutions

Impress your customers and visitors and engage your audience.

A3M Designs can revolutionise your commercial space, increase footfall and stimulate sales with our huge range of high definition digital displays suitable for both inside and outside environments.

Create and manage engaging video content using our state of the art and extremely user friendly Content Management Suite (CMS) through digital totems, screens and modular displays with almost no limit in size or shape.


Historically, digital signage displays required at least three elements to get them operational: a commercial display, a media player and a content management system (CMS).

The fact that these components would often be provided by three separate specialists from three separate sources has traditionally proven to be an obstacle (both time and cost) to operating this type of media. Incompatible networks, hardware and software issues not to mention maintenance and support have all been barriers to the successful exploitation of this dynamic, cutting edge technology. Identifying which provider is responsible for which element of a potential problem just adds to the confusion!

With these challenges in mind we have created an all in one digital signage solution to fit any sector, situation and technical ability. We produce commercial 24/7 displays with built-in media players and develop software that works seamlessly with our hardware.

Providing these simplified “packaged” solutions – including streamlined, user-friendly software – that are easy to install, support and maintain has allowed us to create highly cost-effective solutions that open up the world of digital signage to just about everyone.


We provide digital display solutions to a wide range of users, with a myriad of different levels of technical ability, so we keep things simple. Just load your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert into the display, wait for your content to copy onto the device and then remove. Your content will play in a continuous loop. Stand alone displays can also be upgraded to network versions without the need for additional hardware (i.e. separate network media player).


Our Award-winning, all in one network screens provide you with a fully integrated, hassle-free, networked digital signage solution.

Hardware is easy to set up. Just plug in your screen then your content and/or connect it to the Internet (via Wi-fi, Ethernet cable or even 4G) and you’re up and running. Simples!


Upgrading to our Cloud based Content Management System (CMS) platform opens up a world of possibilities. The CMS is a simple software application you can use to manage the creation and modification of all of your digital content. With access to a library full of pre-set templates as well as the ability to create customised multi-layered digital content you have a huge range of content distribution opportunities. The CMS platform puts you in total control of your marketing campaigns, allowing you to diarise and schedule content changes to any screen, world-wide, at any point, day or night with an Internet connection down to the minute.

Whether you want to show Video, Static JPEG’s, Web or Social Feeds, Weather and Traffic, the CMS allows you to create interactive highly impactful content in seconds, maximising the performance and investment in your digital hardware.

Digital signage – something for everyone

Window Displays

We offer two types of outward facing window display. Which you choose depends on your budget and the location of your window.

At the budget end of the market we offer high-brightness monitors which are more than 5 times brighter than a domestic TV. In direct sunlight situations, we recommend our ultra-high brightness monitors. Both of these solutions can be updated either via USB or our network CMS.

Touch Screens

Looking for interactivity? No problem. We provide a range of beautiful edge to edge glass Touch-Screens in wall-mounted, mirror and kiosk versions. We can also provide smaller (10 inch) models for such requirements as POS (point of sale), reception or room bookings.

For a more budget solution, we have Infra-red freestanding Multi-Touch Screen Posters. All our commercial touch-screen solutions (aside from the 10-inch model) come with Windows and Android built in and can be updated using our Cloud-based CMS.

Menu Boards

Whether you’re looking for a budget solution or something more stylish we have the right digital display for you. If you really want to WOW, take a look at our Android Advertising Displays with easy to clean glass front. More budget driven solutions really come down to whether you would rather just plug in a USB or use our online portal? If it’s plug in, then our Professional Monitor range is perfect; for more flexibility and features our Network Digital Menu Boards are ideal.

Video Walls

When it comes to choosing your video wall it really is all about the bezel. If you want the smallest bezel size (3.5mm screen to screen) then take a look at our LCD Video Wall Displays. A more cost effective solution would be our Professional Monitors with the same integrated video matrix processor as the LCD Video Wall Displays. Video walls which utilise our Professional Monitors have a screen to screen bezel size of circa 23-30mm (depending on screen size).


We supply wall mounted as well as freestanding versions of IP65 rated outdoor displays. Our wall-mounted Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays are designed like giant tablets to give them maximum stand out. For a more weather proof solution consider our Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters. Both can be upgraded to PCAP touch screens and have other modifications available on request. Our outdoor screens can all be updated via USB plug in or upgraded to our network CMS.

Cost effective and budget friendly solutions

Where budget is king, the main question is how do you want to update your screens?

For a simple, user-friendly, USB plug in, upload and go solution, our Professional Monitors are perfect. If you’d rather update your screens via the Internet – via our Cloud-based Content Management System – then our Networked Digital Menu Boards are just what you need.

A digital signage solution for every sector, opportunity and occasion

Digitising Retail

By far the biggest utilisers of digital signage. With the retail landscape constantly changing and competition on the High Street at an all-time high, every customer counts. Advertising displays, touch screens, window displays, POS and even free-standing displays can all be used in the battle for High Street supremacy.

Digital signage has proven to generate over 400% more views than static signage.

Food and Drink Eating Up Digital Signage

With the introduction of our Menu Boards and Advertising Displays this sector is now THE fastest growth area for digital signage.

With a 32% upswing in overall sales volume it’s no wonder fast-food outlets are snapping up digital signage solutions quicker than you can say “no 32 your order is ready”!

Corporate Takeover

The corporate world is a long-standing exponent of the earliest forms of digital signage and it is embracing new innovations on a daily basis. Video walls and infra-red interactive touch displays can be seen in many corporate receptions, offices and board rooms.

FACT: Digital signage has been proven to increase employee engagement and productivity by 25%.

Healthy Digitisation

Whether it be for directional or communication purposes; in hospitals, dentists, doctors’ and the like, the Healthcare sector is taking to digital signage in a BIG way.

FACT: Over 10% of all digital signage is now used in this sector.

Hospitality Goes Digital

An industry MADE for digital signage; events, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and cafes. Free-standing digital posters and wall mounted advertising displays can provide the ultimate in impact.

FACT: when used in the right environment, digital signage can increase customer satisfaction levels of almost 50%

Digital For Transport

Perfect for flight, bus and train travel information, transportation hubs are the obvious home for a range of digital signage options including LCD Video Walls, Advertising Displays as well as Professional Monitors.

FACT: It is estimated that Digital displays within transport hubs can reach in excess of 90% of all passengers.

Educating Digitally

The perfect environment for digital signage, such as Interactive Touch displays (i.e.  whiteboards) and Advertising Displays to communicate information to all stakeholders.

Three quarters of teachers agreed that using interactive displays in class increases student interest.

Digitally Entertained

Free-Standing Digital Posters to display forthcoming events, as well as high-impact LCD Video Walls to relay live events are just two ways in which this media can drive spend.

Digital signage has been proven to increase the average purchase amount by almost 30% when used in a whole host of entertainment venues including Theatres, Cinemas, Zoos, Concert venues, Casinos etc.

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