Corona Virus

The Power to Fight Infection is in Your Hands


Protection and Prevention

Keep staff and visitors protected with A3M Designs’ new range of Social Distancing and Warning Signage; Floor, Wall and Window Graphics and protective Sanitising Stations, specifically designed to enable businesses to operate safely and effectively within the Government’s social distancing guidelines.

Getting the message to PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS across – loud and clear – to your staff and visitors, could mean the difference between staying open for business and having to close, or worse.

Clear, concise communication, explaining a few basic steps that need to be taken to limit the spread of the virus are crucial to containing it.

As well as the full range of display and notification materials that can be used to remind your staff and visitors how best to avoid the germs that are spreading the virus, A3M Designs can also provide you with associated protective materials to keep your staff and visitors safe.

Signage & Display

Whether it’s table-top banners, full-size pull-ups, custom-sized Foamex boards or Posters (of any size) you need, A3M Designs has you covered. We can design, print and deliver the full range of safety advice and social distancing signage to ensure you convey the key messaging in a clear, concise manner in order to keep staff and visitors – and everyone associated with your business – safe.

Call one of our expert team for advice on exactly the right product for you.

Floor, Wall & Windows Vinyl Graphics

For that all-important social distancing notification and identification, A3M Designs can design and produce the full range of vinyls for every situation.

Our hardwearing, non-slip floor *graphics are suitable for hard floors or short pile carpet and won’t lift or peel. They give staff and customers further social distancing guidance, letting people know where to stand – indicating the ideal spacing between individuals – and/or guiding them around your premises.

Vinyl graphics are also great for walls and windows, adding impact and ensuring you make the best use of your space. They can also be quickly and easily removed once they are no longer needed.

(Refer) *Our separate section on floor vinyls explains in more detail the range and quality of products we can supply and includes a section on the ‘R’ slippage scale. This will help you identify the right product for you. Alternatively, call one of our highly experienced team who will explain all and help you make the right choice.

Call one of our expert team for advice on exactly the right product for you.

Sanitising Stations & Hand Gel

Our Sanitiser Stations offer a compact and convenient solution to back to work hygiene with a mounted hand sanitiser dispenser, which can be fixed securely if required, and a disposable glove dispenser. The A4 poster frame can be updated with health and safety guidance and the shelf can be branded as required.

The multipurpose Sanitisation and Surface Cleaning Station also includes a second shelf for paper towels and sanitising spray bottles and incorporates a handy waste bin.

The station layouts can be modified on request and both models can be supplied with hand sanitiser and disposable glove stock if needed.

We also provide digital stations.

Call one of our expert team for advice on exactly the right product for you.


Returning to the workplace during the pandemic has brought about a whole host of new challenges, not least the creation of social distancing – and separation of staff/customers – in shops and offices.

A3M Designs can supply the full range of screening and partitioning products to ensure safe separation so you can continue to operate your business within the Government advised guidelines. These come in 3 options depending on your specific requirement.

T3 Modular reconfigurable op/on

T3 offers a unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable, modular system for social distancing screening. With components that twist and lock together, it is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build. Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build. All components can be reused and recycled as exhibition/display stands once screening is no longer needed.

The Linear modular collection

The robust construction of this product makes it ideal for both permanent and semi-permanent screening and displays. The 75mm round modular posts are made of Anodised aluminium construction and are lightweight but robust. The small screens will be supplied in Linear frames with clear acrylic infills and will therefore be see-through.

NB: the large format ‘L’ bracket screens can only be supplied with fluted polyprop which is translucent but ribbed and not fully see-through.

Bespoke Built Op/on

This social screening system is built to measure and enables businesses to open while maintaining essential social distancing. Sturdy and stable, the system can be adapted to suit individual needs. Each panel comprises a plywood frame and a core of either foam PVC, clear, opal or twinwall polycarbonate. Fitted with bespoke steel feet, they are available with a corner block where return panels are needed. As standard, the system is Class 0 Fire Rated.

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