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HOARDINGS are a critical and compulsory barrier around most construction sites.

The face of the board is a huge area, which is often left blank. If you’re not utilising this space to maximum effect, then you’re missing a massive promotional opportunity, as well as potentially encouraging vandalism.

Custom-printed site hoarding board is a fantastic and highly impactful way to utilise your perimeter fence to convey branding, advertising and messaging to passers-by, in what are often very high footfall/traffic areas.

Our site hoarding boards are made from ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) which provides a robust, rust-resistant and secure surface to deliver high quality graphics that can withstand the elements.

Your design (artwork) can either be printed directly onto the ACM board, or mounted on special vinyl for an even higher quality finish. To increase longevity, you can apply one of our laminates over the finish. Choose from Matt, Gloss or even Anti-graffiti.

Your hoardings provide a HUGE promotional opportunity, don’t waste it!

Mesh banners

Mesh Banners are an excellent advertising medium for all sites, especially Construction. They provide the perfect platform for maintaining privacy, whilst at the same time conveying your messaging and brand.

Mesh Banners come in many different weights and can be custom made to whatever size you require. The specially perforated material allows wind and air to pass smoothly through, thus avoiding any danger of the banner being pulled down or damaged. Using our weather-resistant UV Weatherproof
Inks, mesh banners provide the perfect media/material for all year-round construction use, as well as an excellent, printable surface and advertising area for your brand, and your latest projects!

Scaffolding/PVC Banners

Scaffold banners are essential for all building/construction sites and scaffolding structures. They also provide the perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

With our in-house, large format printers and finishing benches, we are able to create any custom- size scaffold banner you may require. With a huge range of options, from single-sided to double-sided, full colour print, we have the perfect solution for you – each time, every time. We can finish these with pole pockets for standard or custom pole sizes, as well as simple hem and eyelet for alternative fixings.

Scaffold/PVC banners provide an ideal, portable roll-up solution for all your site projects.

Health & Safety

Safety is obviously paramount on any site. We supply a wide range of Health and Safety signage; from Information Boards to Site Rules, we have a media to suit each and every purpose and project, whether it be short- or long-term. From the basics such as Foamex and Dibond (Aluminium Composite), through to MDF, Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing, we’ve got absolutely everything – and everyone – covered.

We also offer a complete range of on-site Directional Signage to aid traffic navigation. With our in-house CNC routing machines, we can custom finish to allow for all fixings, from screw holes to cable ties. In addition to direct printing, we also offer mounted prints with custom laminates to ensure durability and longevity.

General Signage

General signage is a broad term which encompasses all other types of sign and visual marketing that we supply. From Posters to Vehicle Signage and everything in between. We have a huge range of materials, in many different thicknesses, including Foamex from 1mm to 20mm. We also offer a range of Dibonds from White Faced to Brushed Aluminium Butler Finish and acrylics, as well as a large range of rigid and rollable medias.

Your site provides a MASSIVE opportunity to generate more projects. Don’t waste it.

If you’re looking for visual media for your site, we’ve absolutely got you covered; and if you don’t see it here, just ask.

Your site provides a MASSIVE opportunity to generate more projects. Don’t waste it. If you’re looking for visual media for your site, we’ve absolutely got you covered; and if you don’t see it here, just ask.
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