Poster Design Ideas: 4 Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Posters

poster design tips; a pastel poster

Poster Design Ideas: 4 Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Posters

Posters have been one of the oldest and most common marketing tools used by businessmen, governments and kingdoms all over the world. 

For centuries, humans have used posters as a medium to grab attention, spread information, attract an audience, and advertise a product or service. However, with the digital revolution, data has moved largely online and posters are rarely used to provide information anymore.

Nevertheless, posters are still very commonly used for advertising as they do a tremendous job attracting the attention of a potential customer. Moreover, given the fact that posters are a cost-effective medium of marketing, most small businesses actually prefer using posters for exhibitions, workshops and general advertisements.

Using a random poster design, however, isn’t very effective. To ensure that your posters actually have the impact that you want them to create, they need to be designed very carefully.

Therefore, in this article, we bring you the best poster design tips to help you get the best out of your poster campaigns.

4 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing a Poster

1. Readability

poster design ideas; some posters on a wall

Let’s say you’re walking by a poster at a reasonable distance. Would it catch your attention if you can’t read anything from where you are? Probably not.

That’s exactly why it is essential to ensure that the headline is evidently readable from a distance while designing a poster.

There are usually three types of fonts in a poster: the big bold headline, a smaller subheading and finally, a little text with intricate details. Use the headline to lure the reader in, use the subheading to tell them what you are talking about, and use the little text to turn them into customers.

2. Playing With Colours

designing a poster; colourful posters on the street

Colours play an exceptionally important role in our lives. For years, various colours have been to grab people’s attention, warn them about dangers and convey a million other things.

This is because our minds tend to associate colours with a number of different situations and feelings. 

Today, not everybody has enough time to read and understand everything they see. Our attention spans are severely limited and as a result, it’s harder to capture people’s attention.

Therefore, using a contrast of light and dark colours, or a unique poster design with all pastel colours are a few poster design tips that can help you achieve your goals.

3. Experiment With Typography

poster design; a simple poster with the alphabets

If you’re looking for the best poster design ideas on the internet, there’s no way you haven’t come across the concept of typography.

Typography is one of the most unique ideas that are often used while designing a poster that makes heads turn.

With the help of alluring fonts used in distinctive and quirky ways, you can make sure that your poster makes people look. Moreover, the larger and more significant they are, the better it is for the reader.

However, it is also essential to not make it too complicated. The human mind is tricky and generally gives up when it has to think too much about something trivial.

4. Create a Responsive Poster Design

poster design tips; unique posters on a wall

When we say responsive design, we mean designing your posters in a way that fits into various sizes and still looks just as effective.

This way whether you’re using the poster on social media, on a billboard or on a simple exhibition stand it’ll still look alluring.

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