4 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Exhibition Stand

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4 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Exhibition Stand

With social media infiltrating the online world, every business and industry is leveraging these platforms to increase visibility. 

Not doing so can only hold you back and take away from you more than what you expected.

While traditional marketing will help you reach a certain level of visibility, if you’re not using social media, you’re already behind your competitors. Your exhibition stand may be of the best design and quality, but if you don’t have the reach you need, it may not be as effective as it could be. 

Here’s where social media comes in.

As providers of some of the best exhibition stand designs in the UK, we have the required expertise that can help every business find the best solutions and ideas for their exhibition.

Read on to find out more about how impactful social media for exhibitions can be.

1. Helps Your Target Audience Find You Online

Potential customers tend to rely on online reviews or visuals of the product before making the purchase. As a business active on social media offering unique insights and tips about your product can help your target audience find you online.

Incorporate your business handles or username in your exhibition stand design along with the platform icon so people can easily look up your business online and find it on the relevant platform.

If you’re releasing posts online about a particular exhibition that your business is going to be a part of, make sure to engage with your audience that comment on it so that there’s more buzz around the event.

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2. Go Live During The Event To Reach Out To Your Followers

Live engagement is one of the best ways to understand how many people are offering your business and its event. As an exhibit owner, you might have some particular events planned out ranging from demonstrations to an interactive Q/A session about your product.

Going live during this can help those unable to attend your exhibition be a part of it. It’s a way of showing your team in action and the live engagement helps people address any questions they might have to get a better understanding of your business and what you offer. 

Social media for exhibitions need to be leveraged properly by finding out techniques that work so that every business owner gets the visibility they need.

3. Helps You Increase Your Reach

Increasing your audience base means increasing your visibility and if your goal is to grow your business and customers, social media can prove to be a handy tool that helps you reach there.

You can use incentives like competitions, giveaways and similar ideas to help attract the attention of your target audience. With this, you get to increase your reach as people can find you more easily without having to spend too much time or effort in finding you.

If you have the resources for it, consider having a person in your team dedicated to social media platforms, who can interact with your followers and give them updates about your exhibit.

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4. Allows You To Showcase Your Products

With an event or an exhibition, there’s always a set of hashtags that are popularised for marketing purposes with Expo 2020 being one of the biggest examples. 

Businesses participating in the event make the most of this by giving updates about their exhibit and what will be available on their stands.

By using hashtags, every business owner gets to showcase their products to their target audience and attract their attention. Additionally, people can also make inquiries about your product or service to better understand what you offer.

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